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Aliph has finally added A2DP support to one of their headsets. It's been the one feature that many said prevented the Jawbone Icon from being the best Bluetooth headset, hands sol republic down.

Aliph's Jawbone Bluetooth headsets have always been virtually unsurpassed in terms of noise cancellation, and the Icon was, naturally, very good in this regard as well. However, when introduced about four months ago, it was announced that the MyTalk service (still in beta) would allow updates to firmware. Though unconfirmed, users hoped this meant A2DP, as well.

While a Jawbone forum post on their site grew into pages and pages and pages of complaints, the company was noncommittal in its responses on the forum, although asking users to be patient.

A2DP support means that all audio can be streamed via Bluetooth to the headset. While obviously not stereo, many users want the simplicity of being able to carry one headset to listen to all audio on their phone.

To install A2DP support on their Icon, users simply need to go to the MyTalk site, login, and look in the left sidebar. Aliph has also made firmware available if for some reason someone tries A2DP, and wants to revert.

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