People like to watch

People like to watch

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Introducing two unique masterpieces in 2003, the target is just as with the men the solvent fan of mechanical timepieces. Preparing the ground in past years with low- to midpriced quartz-powered collections for women, such as the Selena, Sphere and Calypso, the Phase de Lune will now appeal to the affluent woman of discerning taste and knowledge.

Tania Edwards of Patek Philippe relates:¡°For a watch company focused on movements, actively creating classics that last for generations, the design may not always be fashionable, but women want something that they feel is at tractive to fake rolex watches them right now. That¡¯s a much harder challenge from a design point of view. We want our [Patek¡¯s] watches to be contemporary and attractive to women right now¡ªstylish¡ªbut they still have to last their lifetime.¡±

This is a maxim that Maurice Lacroix has also seemed to interpret correctly, albeit on a different level. The Phase de Lune Dame contains a number of complications¡ªdate hand, day/month windows and moon phase¡ªbut the watch is also set with well-placed diamonds and sapphire cabochons to add just enough sparkle to catch the eye, not blind it, and outfitted with an outstandingly guilloche mother-of pearl dial. Without the gems and mother-of-pearl, a woman might not be especially attracted to such a complicated watch, but this com bined with the clean organization of the complications, leaving plenty of room for the beautiful dial itself, make for an absolute eye-catcher. One of ¡°tomorrow¡¯s classics,¡± the watch is presently being endorsed by an icon of beauty, the current Miss Universe. And that¡¯s what I love. There is so much detail, and every day it is fun to look at and find new things in Breitling watches it.¡±

Make Room for Breguet Another marketing technique to prepare the high-end mechanical women¡¯s market in the past few years has been to introduce jewelry lines leading up to the introduction of the mechanical watches. The frontrunner here has been Breguet, which has been selling its outstandingly designed jewelry at the company¡¯s own boutiques and other high-end jewelry stores since 2001. Swatch Group president Nicolas G. Hayek recently stated that this jewelry is always immediately sold out directly after its manufacture. imitation swiss watches. In 2002 the company then introduced the Queen of Naples, a high jewelry watch featuring an automatic movement with moon-phase display and power reserve.

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